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Mobile Car Baler

Our fully mobile Tabarelli S5000 Car Baler is the ideal crushing solution for scrap cars / end of life vehicles (ELVs) site clearance. Its relative size, setup time and mobility means that once on site we can be up and running in 10/15 minutes. You can then either sell to a scrap merchant of your choice, or we can buy your scrap, bale it onsite and take it away.

• We bale your scrap, for you to sell on
• We buy your scrap, and bale it on site.

All our shear balers come with fully trained operators, the baler itself can process between 8 and 20 tonnes per hour, which with our skilled recycling operators makes for a cost effective use of rental time, getting the maximum production out of the machine during your hire period.


  • Small efficient mobile scrap baler
  • Trained operaters speed the process
  • Negates need for expensive investment
  • Cost effective short term hire


  • Engine power: 115 Kw / 155 Cv
  • Process: 8-20 tonnes/hour
  • Pushing Force: 140 tonnes
  • Pre-compression scrap box: 800 x 650 mm

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Only two days on site and Andy cleared most of the cars - impressed

Impressed with the fast & efficient baleing of our scrap vehicles